Gathering Guide

Gathering Basics

To successfully a gather an item, the Progress bar needs to hit 100%. Abilities such as Basic Progress will increase progress. When you’re ready, tap Rotations and Start to gather while being idle.

Watch the 15 second video below for a quick demonstration.

Gathering Higher Rarity Items

Increasing the Rarity bar improves the chance of gathering higher rarity items. Abilities such as Basic Focus (unlocked at level 9) increases the rarity bar. The bar color indicates the available rarities, some recipes can have up-to 5 different rarities. Increasing rarity also gives up-to 100% bonus XP.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the rarity bar represents the chance of getting a higher rarity item. Tap the downwards arrow to see the exact chances.

Gathering Higher Yields

Increasing the Yield bar gives up to 4x more items. Abilities such as Basic Yield (unlocked at level 18) increases the yield bar. Yield only includes common items, and does not include any higher rarity items.

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