Crafting skills are an important aspect of Craftbound. Many useful items can be crafted to help you throughout your journey.

Crafting Basics

Getting Started

To get to a crafting skill, goto Tasks from the tab bar then select Skills, and the relevant Crafting Skill. To start crafting an item tap the Craft button at the bottom of the view.

Crafting Materials

All crafting recipes require materials, which can be obtained through Gathering, Vendors, Online Market, or drops during Combat.

Crafting Attributes Panel

At the top of the crafting view you will find the crafting panel. There are four important elements to consider when crafting:

  • Progress Bar: To complete a craft, progress needs to hit 100%. Progress is increased by casting certain abilities.
  • Quality Bar: Increasing quality improves the chance of getting a higher quality item. Quality is increased by casting certain abilities. Increasing quality also gives up-to 100% bonus XP.
  • Durability Bar: A craft will fail if there is no durability remaining. Most crafting abilities that increase progress or quality will also reduce durability.
  • Crafting Points Bar: Certain abilities use crafting points when they are casted.


Abilities are unlocked as your crafting level increases. Crafting by manually tapping abilities has no advantage over idle crafting, however it's an important step to setting up rotations (see below). Crafting materials are spent as soon as an ability has been casted.

Rotations (Idle Crafting)

Ability rotations are used for crafting while being idle. The rotation list can be accessed by tapping the Rotations button at the bottom of the crafting view. Abilities are automatically added to the rotation list when they are casted. Tapping the Start button and the selected amount will start crafting automatically.

The ability rotation list is reset when an item craft is successful or fails, and a new ability is casted. It's best to just try playing around with this to get a feel for how it works. More ability options such as add above/below and delete can be accessed by tapping the triple dots button on each ability row.

Rotations can also be saved but tapping the triple dot button at the bottom of the view, and selecting Save Rotation. To use a previously saved rotation, select View All Rotations.

Crafting Mechanics


All recipes when successfully crafted will give a certain amount of XP, depending on the complexity of the recipes, the quality, and players current level for the crafting skill.

Gaining XP increases the crafting skill level. Increasing the crafting level unlocks new recipes, abilities and increases Craftsmanship and Control attributes (see below).

Crafting Attributes

  • Craftsmanship: Impacts the effectiveness of abilities that increase progress.
  • Precision: Impacts the effectiveness of abilities that increase quality.
  • Crafting Points: Impacts the max amount of crafting points.
  • Luck: Impacts the chance of Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary items being crafted.

Crafting Gear

Crafting gear can be obtained through crafting, vendors, online market place, and drops during gathering and combat.

Crafting Qualities

Crafting recipes can vary in the available qualities, simple items such as Refined Materials may only have a Common quality, while items such as Gear may have Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary qualities. The bar color indicates the available qualities.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the Quality Bar represents the chance of getting a higher quality item. Tap the downwards arrow to see the exact chances.