Gameplay Rules & Guidelines

Gameplay Rules & Guidelines

What do I do if I find an exploit? If you find an exploiting bug or game mechanic please submit it to #bug-bounty or DM @Mods on Discord. Below are some examples:

  • Exploit to make money in a way that's not intended.
  • Gaining a significant amount of XP due to a bug.
  • An item that sells for much more because of a typo.
  • Any form of duplicating items.

What happens if I use an exploit? We understand that sometimes exploits are used accidentally, or done for testing. But if you’re found to be abusing an exploit, you may be banned from online game-play such as leaderboards, player market trading, and all multiplayer features added in the future. Before being banned you will be given an Unfair Online Play strike which will most likely result in reduction of items, gold and/or skill progress depending on the exploit used.

Can I play with an alternative account? In the perfect world, we would not allow alt accounts for an even playing field. However, it’s difficult for us to know with high confidence between an alt or friend playing together.

For this reason, we’re allowing one alt account for each player. Currently this will be limited to using seperate devices with seperate Apple IDs. We do not advise switching between Apple IDs on the same device.

In the future we will likely allow players to create an additional character with one Apple ID. And we will discourage playing on multiple Apple IDs to prevent more than 2 characters per player.

If we’re seeing, or getting reports of highly suspicious behavior such as farming with more than 2 accounts, you may be banned from online game-play such as leaderboards, and player market trading. We’ll deal with this on a case-to-case basis.